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Apple Smart TV Features

Written By Mark Antalusya on December 28, 2011 | 3:55 AM

Apple TV is not the only device that allows you to do these things, however, it is the only one that grants you the ability to play items that have been purchased from iTunes. So even if you miss an episode of one of your favorite shows you can purchase the episode from iTunes and you are good to go! There are many Apple Smart TV Features.

Following sources' claims that Samsung Electronics and Sharp will manufacture chips and displays, respectively, for the so-called Apple "iTV," (Apple Smart TV) others have suggested that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) and Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL) have the potential to win orders for Apple's smart TV with new features.

Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) likely will obtain assembly orders for the Apple smart TV, according to industry sources.

Apple is expected to finalize hardware standards of its TV at the end of second-quarter 2012, and will place orders for the customized chips and other components directly with its contract manufacturers - same as what the CE vendor does with iPads and iPhones, the sources said.

Apple's new smart TVs will be rolled out by the end of 2012, the sources indicated.

Apple Smart TV Features

1 Siri

Using Siri by talking to your TV to go to channels or record your shows to iCloud is a great feature. Also this defines use of the Quad A6 Processors that enable apps to run in the background. Apple using iOS 6 multi-threading of the processors. Siri is artificial intelligence now if Apple integrate its Genius features from iTunes, Siri will be able to recommend TV Shows and Movies you like. Learning curve is zero as to most knows how to use Siri from their iPhone 4S. Here’s a feature: Siri to play music from your playlist on AirPlay in the Kitchen. Yes Siri remote will not be infrared but instead Bluetooth 4.0 since it has range of 100 meters. This give room to move freely versus a limited infrared red remote that we have been use to.

2. iTunes 11:

Utilizing new introduction of 1080p Movies from iCloud with 24-bit audio multi-channel audio. Whether from its HDMI but also output through a later version of AirPlay courtesy of iOS 6. This would enable streaming multi-channel audio possibly to either an updated Airport Express or a new model all together. Expect New AirPlay Receivers from manufacturers. Apple will not do streaming as they do not do with current iTunes Match expect the content to be stored on locally on its own storage. Since Flash memory has been purchased in volume from Apple I expect 32GB possibly 64GB.

3 App Store:

This will be the game changer here. New 1080p Apple TV apps including games. Now developers will have zero learning curve for this platform. Why? It just a simple update from developing iPad apps. Look at the iPad resolution itself, it has 1024 x 768 resolution. Some can say 768p resolution.

With Apple Smart TV Features, Now add that to their knowledge of the iPad 2‘s 7X graphic processing power. Gotta keep in mind the cost of current Apple TV is $78 if you gut it for core components it may be $69 total components including a Quad-Core A6 Processor. What can make gaming on this Apple Smart TV exciting using the iPhone 4S to say the least. Why iPhone 4S not iPhone 4 or iPod touch or even the iPad 2? One overlooked technology by everyone that Apple has included in iPhone 4S chipset, Bluetooth 4.0. See Google brags about Near Field Communication chip in their phones but that technology has extreme limitation and software developer is unilateral to credit card processing. Bluetooth 4.0 on the other hand has more openness to developers. Bluetooth 4.0 is Low Profile Efficient with a range of 100 meters from using Wide Bandwidth Channels similar to 802.11n.

With Apple Smart TV Features Think of new sports games like Madden NFL ’13 playing on online or even one on one with a friend and you can pick your plays on your iOS device by Bluetooth 4.0. This idea not totally unique as 2K Sports have done this with NFL 2K on Sega Dreamcast but back then it was done on VMU (Virtual Memory Unit) that had to be plugged into a wired controller. Apple technique will be done wirelessly on Bluetooth 4.0 via iPhone 4S, iPod touch (6th Generation) and iPad 3.

Developers can utilize dual data streams or dual displays as they do now with AirPlay. Also surely Apple would use their Bluetooth technology such as wireless keyboard, Magic mouse and Magic TouchPad. Also manufacturers will make game controllers for Apple TV as well. Using iOS version of iWork on your Smart TV to do a schoolwork while watching college football is a unique experience. Games will be the ultimate driver as to be expected. Just imagine Chair Entertainment’s graphical beauty, Infinity Blade on Apple’s 47″ TV in 1080p resolution. Keep in mind Game Center is going to be updated to take advantage of Apple Smart TV features as well including Siri basic feature for selecting a game to launch well as pausing a game.

With Apple Smart TV Features, Also a optional feature that Apple CEO Tim Cook decision to include capability of putting the iPhone 4S on a Bluetooth Personal Area Network with the TV to enable linked iPhone functions where it would automatically pause your game on the TV when you get a phone call or use Siri on TV’s remote to initiate a phone call on your iPhone by voice. Keep in mind MacBook Air and Mac mini are Bluetooth 4.0 they can be linked to share functions with the TV possibly using the TV as a wireless second display for the Mac mini or MacBook Air.

Specific Program Package

This will be the most difficult to pull off with TV Networks. Imagine paying monthly for the TV Shows and or Networks you really want. Me I would get HBO, Showtime, Sy-Fy Channel and WB Network. I don’t care about News I can catch that on my iPhone 4S or the next iPad 3. I’m sure sports fans would have their specific game channels or possibly NFL Network. Don’t know if there will be a NBA Network. LOL! Now this is going to take some serious negotiating because Apple in a sense would be come a major network provider overnight. If Federal Government can hold Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and other broadband companies to net neutrality rules where people just get broadband internet ONLY packages then Apple has potential with this. It would change America as they did with iTunes where people can buy songs that they want.

5 Accessories:

Why this would be significant? Bluetooth 4.0 still backwards capable with Bluetooth 2.0 devices like keyboards, mouses, PS3 controllers, wireless headsets or headphones. Still there’s another decision based on cost to include Thunderbolt input. There’s a reason why the late Steve Jobs chose to make this open standard compared to FireWire for other companies and it wasn’t just about computers most had assumed. Everything Apple has been doing is migrating people to its new product one feature at a time. Siri as a Beta was step one.

6 iAds and Siri featured suggestions

Now let’s talk major advertisement revenues from iAds and Siri search placements. Now think how much companies will pay for iAds and premium prices for top placements. Now let’s talk Siri related placement. Siri related placements? Yes you haven’t figured it out when they announced a demo of the iPhone 4S with Siri. Look at the companies that’s related to Siri searches can you imagine what CNN would pay Apple to integrate it’s multimedia content well as increasing their revenue for subscriptions? It can be across the iOS board even or the TV.  So, There are some about Apple Smart TV Features.

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