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The bad of samsung galaxy note

Written By Mark Antalusya on December 10, 2011 | 8:28 PM

Most awaited Samsung Galaxy Note mobile cum tab has arrived, but this mobile phone also has some The bad of samsung galaxy note and cons. Samsung Galaxy Note is the highest model available from Samsung as of now and they have added as much as new exciting features in this mobile.

Let us see what’s The bad of Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Bad of Samsung Galaxy Note (cons) :

1. Price: 
The first disadvantage is price of this mobile, which is too high for a average user. Many people have liked this awesome gadget but after they see the price tag they change the plan and buy other mobile.

2. No HDMI connector: 
Samsung Galaxy Note has the best camera and video recording facility, you can record full HD videos (1920*1080) from this mobile, but this device does not have a HDMI connector (which connects to an HDTV), that’s sad.

3. Some Speed: 
For the Honeycomb-experienced user, version 2.3 of Android makes it appear a little dated and the speed is not what mobile and tablet lovers have expected.

4.  Heavy: 
This mobile weighs 178 grams and this will be heavier to carry. This disadvantage can be ignored if a user (who has already used heavy phones) is ready to bear this weight.

5. Large Screen: 
This is not a disadvantage nor advantage, if you are using this mobile in home you can get feel of a tablet which is good, but in travelling you feel this screen size somewhat more in size.

6. No Huge Internal memory: 
There is no 16 or 32 GB of internal memory and no LTE or NFC for this mobile phone. For the price tag this phone offers, it should have been still slimmer and have 32 GB internal storage memory. 

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