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What Is iShower?, iShower Bluetooth Speaker In your Bathroom

Written By Mark Antalusya on January 6, 2012 | 3:34 AM

About iShower, iShower Specs and Features

iShower is a revolutionary shower speaker that is compatible with Apple devices running iOS. By remembering up to 5 wireless pairings, the iShower lets users enjoy their favorite music using their favorite App on their favorite device, wherever they’re getting wet.

With a 200-foot range, the iShower is easily detachable for use in the backyard, the pool, or even the beach.

It appears that the art of singing in the shower is full comeback mode, as not only do you have the option of picking up a speaker-infused shower or bathtub, but now you can retrofit your current one with SoundTiles. Co-developed by Kohler and Polk Audio, these music makers are designed to "perfectly match the shape, profile and finish of the WaterTile bodysprays and showerheads," but we don't see any reason why a slimmed down, waterproof speaker won't work just fine in your current arrangement. The device sports a "marine certified" coaxial speaker in a four- x four- inch escutcheon, a stainless steel front grill, and can be controlled by Kohler's DTV II or wired into any vanilla sound system.
iShower, Spekaer Bring music to your bathroom

If you spend a long time in the bathroom and wish that you could listen to your favorite songs while inside, you’re in luck. The folks behind the iGrill, iDevices have announced a new product just for you. Called the iShower, it is a water resistant, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that wirelessly plays music directly from your Apple or Android devices.

Since it is water resistant, you can mount it near your shower or sink where you can easily access its controls and listen to music at the same time. All you have to do is pair the iShower speaker with your Bluetooth device (it supports up to 5 pairings), and you’re good to go. You can start playing music by using the onboard controls of the iShower and you never have to take a shower in silence ever again.

The iShower also features a display that shows you the current time of day, and can play up to 15 hours of music on 3 AA batteries. It is easy to set up and detach so you’ll never have a problem bringing it from location to location.

iShower Features :
  • Digital Clock
  • Easy Installation Without Tools
  • Detaches Quickly to Use On the Go
  • Standing & Hanging Options
  • Speaker Design by Anthony Gallo
  • Play/Pause/Volume Functions
  • 3 AA Batteries for 15 Hours of Music
  • 200-foot Range - No Risk of Water Damage to your Device
  • Optional Anti-fog Shower Mirror
iShower Specs/ iShower Specifications
  • 3/4" female inlet NPT
  • 4 outlets supply
  • Thermostatic pressure balance cartridge
  • Supply 110 Volts and functionality 12 Volts
  • Auto-recharge battery
  • Total max. flow 40 L/min, 10.6 gpm (US) 60 psi
iShower Price
Visit this link to see iShower Price : iShower Price.

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