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Nikon D700 Price March 2012

Written By Mark Antalusya on February 24, 2012 | 3:02 PM

According to the, In March, the price of the Nikon D700 will drop to $2199.95 in the USA. This is $500 reduction from the Nikon D700 Price curent $2,699.95.

Nikon D700 Price in Europe was already reduced few days after the D800 announcement. The Nikon D700 will be available for sale at least for few more months, maybe even till the end of 2012 (considering that the D90 is still listed on Nikon USA website and available for sale).

Nikon D700 Specifications :

12.1 megapixels | 3" screen | Full frame sensor

Essentially a D3 shrunk down and squeezed into a body roughly the same size as a D300, the D700 shares the acclaimed 12.1MP full frame ('FX') sensor as the D3 and has the same processing engine, so we would presume output to be almost identical.
Nikon D700 Camera Image
Nikon D700 Camera Image

The main differences (aside from being considerably smaller) are physical; there's a different shutter (good for 150,000 exposures rather than 300,000 on the D3), different viewfinder prism (with 95% coverage) and a slower burst rate.

You also lose the rear LCD info panel (there's no room for it) and one of the D3's two CF card slots, but you do get a couple of extra features to soften the blow slightly; most notably a self-cleaning sensor and a built-in flash. Unsurprisingly the D700 produces excellent output that is very similar to the D3’s.

The D700 offers an enormous, almost five stop RAW headroom that allows you to even pull back highlight detail that has been blown out beyond recognition. The D700's most obvious strength though is its high ISO performance.

It's the combination of the huge photosites on the full frame sensor and Nikon’s very sensible approach to noise reduction (heavy-handed on chroma noise and much more lenient on luminance noise) that lets you (within limits) take usable pictures up to a sensitivity of ISO 12800.

Are you interested for Nikon D700 ? Nikon D700 Price March 2012 in USA maybe $500 reduction from the curent $2,699.95.

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