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Spark Tablet Price In USA

Written By Mark Antalusya on February 18, 2012 | 8:32 PM

Spark Tablet has been designed for users who are into writing software through the use of Linux tools. It will also provide access to e-books obtained from Project Gutenberg, along with QML and Qt applications.

Spark Tablet Specs :
  • Spark Tablet run on Linux OS
  • Spark Tablet With the use of a 1GHz AMLogic ARM processor, 
  • Spark tablet comes with 4GB of internal storage 
  • Spark Tablet have 512 MB of RAM 
  • Additional SD card slot. 
  • 2 USB ports as well as an audio jack measuring 3.5mm
Spark Tablet Image
Spark Tablet Image

Spark Tablet Price In USA and Europe

We're sure some Linux fans broke into a cold sweat over the open source Spark tab. Fortunately it's taken the next step towards their eager paws: the seven inch slab is now up for pre-order. Sign up for one and you'll net a priority order code to ensure you get one of the first units off the production line, alongside 500 points to use at the manufacturer's add-on store.

The site still expects to launch the Spark for Spark Tablet Price In Eorope around €200 or  Spark Tablet Price In USA is $262.

Spark Tablet Pre-Orders
Pre-orders can be made next week, second week of February 2012, whereas shipping will be set in spring, around May. The main emphasis of release is on Europe; nevertheless, plans for the Spark tablet to make its way to the US are being developed as well. This new Spark tablet has been reported to come with a price of €200 or Spark Tablet Price In USA approximately $262.

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