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Sony Xperia Ion Features

Written By Mark Antalusya on June 1, 2012 | 12:30 PM

Xperia Ion Features : Entertainment at the speed of delight

Why wait to be entertained? Browse the web and download apps at incredible speeds. Snap, shoot and share your best pics and videos super quick with the LTE network and a 1.5Ghz dual processor.

Xperia Ion Features : 4.6” HD Reality Display* with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine

Enhanced contrast. Richer colors. Less image noise. The Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine makes the super-wide, LED back-lit screen sharp and crisp. And through reduced light reflection, the picture stays clear when you're outdoors too.

Xperia Ion Features : Snap your shots in an instant

Some events are too good to miss. Now you don't have to. Start your camera in just over a second. Pointing and shooting takes one second too. And you can keep on shooting. No delays, no missing the subject. Just you capturing that special moment forever. Then share it directly, on Facebook™ or in a message.

Xperia Ion Features : Sharp chatting in HD
xperia ion picture
Chat away. Sharper than ever. Xperia™ ion has a 720p front-facing camera perfect for video calls with Google™ Talk or Skype™*.
*Skype™ for Android available for free from the Android™ market

Xperia Ion Features : Sony Entertainment Network

12 million songs. Thousands of movies. From the major music labels and film studios. Enjoy it all on your Xperia™ ion with the Sony Entertainment Network services Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited.

The number of tracks available varies by country and may be less.

Xperia Ion Features : PlayStation™ certified

Fingers itching? Head to the PlayStation® Store for titles specially optimized for this PlayStation® certified smartphone.

Xperia Ion Features : Your life in brilliant HD

Vacation videos, baby's first steps…record it all in brilliant HD video with one touch of a button.

Xperia Ion Features : Facebook inside Xperia™

See, share, like and comment on tracks and photos on Facebook™ straight from your music player or gallery. Share and recommend the apps you like, and like the music you love. Even directly from the FM radio. Check out what your friends are recommending with the Music & Videos app.

Xperia Ion Features : Connect to your TV via HDMI

Connect your Xperia™ ion to your TV and cuddle up in the sofa. The HDMI connection lets you view pictures and videos from your phone on your TV screen using your TV remote control.

Xperia Ion Features : Wi-Fi connect

Connect the quick and easy way. On the move. In caf├ęs. At the airport. Your Xperia™ ion has Wi-Fi support.

Xperia Ion Features : You choose - Android Market™

With over 300,000 apps customize your Xperia™ ion to make it exclusively yours.

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