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The New iPad 2012 Available Next Week, Pricing for $499

Written By Mark Antalusya on March 10, 2012 | 11:01 AM

Did you wait too long to pull the trigger on a pre-order for Apple's newest iPad: The New iPad ? Well, it looks like you'll have to join the rest of the US-based iStragglers and settle for a later ship date. The Cupertino-born slate, initially set for a March 16th release, now appears to have been pushed back to the 19th.

Forcing prospective online buyers to seek out any remaining stock at brick and mortar outlets on launch day. While this is by no means an indication that the company's sold out of its third-generation tablet wares, consider it a last call for the early adopter train.

Just three months after the holiday season, Apple is releasing the next version of its popular tablet. The long awaited New iPad will be released March 16 (this coming Friday). Here’s everything you need to know about the device and whether updating your iPad will be worth it.

Clearer Display

Apple is beefing up the iPad’s retina display, which creates clearer fonts and pictures. Apple has the iPad 2 and New iPad laid out side-by-side on their website and the new iPad’s clarity is astounding. The new retina display has a 2048-by-1536 resolution with 3.1 million pixels. By comparison, HDTV has 2.1 million pixels. Overall, the New iPad has four times the amount of pixels the iPad 2 does.

Faster connection

According to Apples’ website, the New iPad uses 4G LTE, one of the fastest cellular networks in the world. The new iPad comes with two cellular antennas, allowing for more connectivity around the world. The new iPad comes with Apple’s latest chip, the A5X, ensuring the device is just as fluid and smooth as other iPads. The New iPad even has the same amount of battery life (10 hours) and comes to life instantly with a single touch.

Users should note however that many cell phone providers have yet to set up a 4G network. Paying extra for faster connectivity features doesn’t necessarily mean they will be utilized from the get go.

Better camera

The new iPad comes with a 5-megapixel camera with more exposure options and better face recognition than previous iPads. Perhaps the biggest upgrade with the camera is HD recording, allowing users to record in full 1080p. The new camera also has a hybrid filter, similar filters used in SLR cameras, allowing for clearer pictures.

Is it worth it?

Apple is asking pricing at $499 for the New iPad. The iPad 2 received a $100 price drop, fetching a $399 price tag through Apple. Despite the numerous improvements, the New iPad hasn’t dazzled everyone.

Online reviewers say that while the new HD features have created the best picture on a tablet so far and the upgraded camera records incredible videos, the overall features of the new iPad aren’t quite enough to ditch the iPad 2 yet. If you haven’t bought an iPad yet, forking over an extra $100 may be worth it. But for current iPad 2 owners or money conscious consumers, sticking with older models may be the best bet.

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