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HTC One X Specs and Price in USA

Written By Mark Antalusya on April 7, 2012 | 7:32 AM

The latest devices from the Taiwanese firm are part of its new One Series of mobile phones, the HTC One X. The HTC One X brings the best processor, an HD screen and a sublimely thin chassis as the Taiwanese firm looks to recreate the success of the original Desire.

HTC One X Specs

The One X is a phone that's had us intrigued for a while – running a quad core CPU (Nvidia's Tegra 3) plus one of the largest screens on any HTC… and that's without being given a gargantuan name like the Titan.

HTC latest generation flagship model One X-has recently become more concerned about the models and set off a surge of comments boom, domestic and foreign media were given a great deal of concern. One X in appearance giving a different feeling, at least the previous HTC models opened the distance.

In a way, it continues HTC’s design language, rounded body, a black border around the screen and so these elements have still been inherited, but the narrowing of the black border, the more prominent this main body of the phone screen, feel Smart but not heavy; looked from the side, semi-curved body seemed more elegant, but due to the body of a uniform thickness, so unlike the Galaxy the Nexus, “head light foot”.

At the same time, this design will bring the abundance of feel But which one is better is a subjective feeling.One X-measurements is 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm for the smaller hands of users, single-hand hold may be difficult, do not forget the size of its screen is 4.7 inches better than the Galaxy Note a small number. It weighs 130 grams, excluding the size problem, One X in their pockets, little sense of weight.

HTC One X image

HTC One X Price in USA

We’re just excited to see that the time of USA release for these magic hero smartphones is soon approaching! With Android, there’s no news story too small – there’s excitement at every turn for a hardcore Android fan – and in no greater place does it show here at the time of  “we already knew but we’re excited anyway!

At Amazon, HTC One X price is start at $500. Buy HTC One X from Amazon Here.
In UK, It's clear from the outset what HTC is trying to do with the One X: shake off the slight doom and gloom surrounding the brand's fall in profits, and bring out a slick, powerful and, more importantly, useable handset that only costs £36 per month (about $57) on a two year deal.

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