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Download Facelock App For Your iPhone

Written By Mark Antalusya on January 3, 2012 | 2:49 AM

What is Benefit Facelock App for your Iphone ?
The Facelock App For Yours iPhone with your front-camera was made for! FaceLock iPhone uses state-of-the-art biometric technology to grant you access to the application based only on your face.

No tricks, no hidden buttons to press, just scan your face with iPhone Facelock App and gain access. Amaze your friends when your phone grants you access but then denies everyone else. Thats can you get by iPhone Facelock App.
iPhone Facelock Features:
- Real Facial Recognition
- Access granted to authorized face only
- HD Retina Graphics

When you first launch FaceLock, you must train it to recognize your face, training takes less than a minute and only needs to be performed once.

If you want FaceLock to grant access to a different face, you can do so from the settings screen.
* Requires device with front-facing camera
* For optimal recognition, make sure your face is centered, straight and well-lit.

How to download Iphone Facelock App
To download iPhone FaceLock App, you need to have iTunes.
Get iTunes before, than Download Facelock App For Your iPhone.

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