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Lenovo IdeaPad U300e Price and Specifications

Written By Mark Antalusya on February 20, 2012 | 8:22 PM

Lenovo IdeaPad U300e is the latest Notebook / Laptop by Lenovo. Lenovo ideapad U300e may seem like the value version of the very similar U300s. Which it basically is. Still, a cheap Ultrabook never goes to waste, especially in a market segment, where every dollar makes a difference

Lenovo IdeaPad U300e Specifications

That near-grand amount will get you Intel's Core i5-2476m CPU and HD3000 graphics, 4GB of RAM, a hybrid drive (32GB SSD mixed with 500GB HDD), as well as a Premium copy of Windows 7. More importantly, the machine wouldn't gracefully fall under the "Ultra" category if it wasn't flaunting a relatively slim form factor, in which it tightly squeezes through the standards at 0.7-inches in thickness.

Intel i3-2367M | 1.40 GHz (1.4) | 2 Cores (HT) | 3 MB Cache | GB : 3,050
Intel i5-2467M | 1.60 GHz (2.3) | 2 Cores (HT) | 3 MB Cache | GB : 4,800

1GB/2GB 1066/1333 MHz DDR3 (Max. 4GB due to 1 available SO-DIMM slot)


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Lenovo IdeaPad U300e Price
Lenovo's put the 13.3-inch Ultrabook up for grabs starting price at $959 on its site

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Lenovo IdeaPad U300e image

Lenovo IdeaPad U300e image

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