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Microsoft 3D Desktop Kinect Features (Video)

Written By Mark Antalusya on February 28, 2012 | 3:26 PM

Microsoft Research showed off some fascinating new technology concepts with three demo videos, two of which heavily integrate Kinect sensors. The projects include a 3D desktop concept, the IllumiShare remote sharing system, and the Holoflector augmented reality mirror, all of which can find diverse applications in gaming, education, and business.

Microsoft 3D Desktop Kinect is just demos technology concepts. It's not available complete informations about price of Microsoft 3D Desktop Kinect, Microsoft 3D Desktop Kinect release date, and How will Microsoft 3D Desktop Kinect to sell the 3D Desktop Kinect.

The Kinect-integated 3D desktop involves a transparent display that folds up so that your hands lie on a keyboard behind the screen. Objects and graphics on the screen appear in a virtual 3-dimensional space in which your hands can virtually manipulate them from behind the screen. The system also tracks eye movement so that 3D objects appear correctly on the screen.

For Microsoft 3D Desktop Kinect Features see action in video below :

Via : Slashgear

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