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Download Offline Google Maps For Android Free

Written By Mark Antalusya on July 2, 2012 | 9:03 AM

You can now save and use certain maps on offline Google Maps for Android when you're not connected to the internet. You can even find and orient yourself by enabling GPS and using My Location and the compass.

Google showed off offline Google Maps for android apps at its event earlier this month, and now during I/O it's ready to turn the feature on.

Also new in this version is the Compass Mode for Street View shown off today, that lets you look around places as though you were there based on your device's gyroscope and even go inside. We're not all seeing it on our devices yet, but the updated version has already been spotted on a Galaxy Nexus or two.

See Offline Google Maps Video Demo

Wish you had a map when your device was offline? With offline maps, you can save and use certain maps when you’re not connected to the Internet. If you have GPS on the device, the blue dot will still work without a data connection so you know where you are. Whether you’re traveling the world or underground, offline maps can help you navigate the offline world.

What is The benefit of Offline Google Maps ?

With Google Maps for Android you can now go indoors. Next time you're running through the airport or shopping in a mall, use Google Maps on your mobile phone to find a specific place or get indoor walking directions.

Want to remember a hiking trail or share travel spots with friends? Try making your own map of what matters to you most with My Maps. You can mark locations, add details like photos and links, and invite others to collaborate on your laptop and access it on your Android device.

Whether you’re driving, walking, biking or using public transportation, Google Maps is ready to find the best route for you. Turn-by-turn GPS navigation with in-route adjustments will auto-correct your route if you make a wrong turn. Live Traffic keeps you informed in real-time, and you can also plan ahead based on past traffic conditions.

To get Offline Google Maps, first Download Google Maps For Android and take it offline with simple. Users with Android 2.2 devices and above should keep an eye on Google Play for the new version of the app. Download Offline Google Maps For Android here and try it for your Android phone or Android tablet.
Source : Image & Video : Google Maps

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