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Nokia 808 PureView Review : 41 Megapixel Super Camera

Written By Mark Antalusya on March 4, 2013 | 8:44 PM

Nokia 808 PureView Review : Nokia 808 is one of new smartphone 2012 by Nokia included Nokia Lumia 900. I think Nokia 808 PureView is first mobile phone with 41 Megapixel Super Camera. You can see Photo and Video Samples taken with Nokia 808 PureView here.

Nokia 808 PureView Review


Design Nokia 808 is slim, The Nokia 808 PureView sports a rubberised finish and is available in a choice of colours, making it look more like a rugged handset, rather than a range-topper.

The rubber finish adds a nice bit of grip, and while the phones fits reasonably comfortably in the hand, it's quite chunky, particularly at the thickest point, where the camera lens protrudes slightly. It's certainly not a slimline phone, so if you're looking for a svelte model, then this probably isn't the phone for you.


The big draw here is the 41MP camera. This sort of megapixel count hasn't been seen on a phone before, and is usually limited to medium format pro cameras. The Carl Zeiss lens is teamed with Nokia's pixel over-sampling technology, which has been designed to produce sharp pictures, even in low light conditions, along with the ability to save the images in compact file sizes for easy sharing.

A high megapixel count doesn't necessarily equal good picture quality, so it remains to be seen whether this will be a huge improvement on the N8, but we certainly look forward to testing it our for ourselves.


As well as the camera, the Nokia 808 PureView also offers Dolby headphone technology, along with Nokia Rich Recording Mic tech for catpuring sound with as little inteference as possible. We weren't able to test either of these features on the busy, loud Nokia stand at MWC but we'll certainly be putting the phone through its paces when we can get our hands on a full review, sample.


The Nokia 808 PureView sports a 4-inch screen. As the phone is being sold on its impressive camera, you might've expected to see a slightly larger screen on which to compose your shots, as well as a resolution higher than the 360x640 that's on offer. Having said that, images are clear and hues are bright and punchy so we can't complain too much.


The single-core 1.3GHz processor is decidely mid-range, but the UI appeared to operate relatively swiftly, although we found that the camera took a couple of seconds to boot up -not a great start for a handset that's being sold on the basis of a strong camera performance. Battery performance is good. Its strong for super camera 41 MP. For Nokia 808 Specs details here

Nokia 808 PureView Price
According to reliable sources close to Nokia this smart phone will be launched in May 2012 with a fair price tag. It is reported that the price of Nokia PureView 808 will be priced at 450 euros and also $602 when it is made public. So, Nokia 808 PureView Price price around : Nokia 808 PureView Price in India is Rs. 30.000, Nokia 808 PureView Price in USA is $602 and Nokia 808 PureView Price in UK is EUR 450

Nokia 808 PureView Video review

For more details about design and performance watch Video review Nokia 808 PureView below. This Video review Nokia 808 PureView according to the Mobiles-Actus :

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